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As your trusty insect exterminator, we enjoy doing our very best to impress and satisfy our clients! However major or minor the infestation may be, you can count on us to deliver speedy results at reasonable rates today! We won’t let you down or disappoint you! Get in touch!

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No one wants to learn their home or business has been subject to a bee infestation. Bees can prove to be an annoyance, a health hazard and, if left unchecked, can wreak havoc on the infrastructure of their nesting location. But, at the same time, we need bees to thrive as part of the local ecosystem. Rather than simply eradicate bees, Tree Bee aims to be the quickest, most humane bee removal service in Miami, FL. We’ll assess your situation, ensure all bees and other swarms are safely removed and that you’re resituated in your space comfortably, all within the same day!

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Many see our reasonable rates and think that our work wouldn’t be anything special, but you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that we make sure that our quality insect and rodent control is on par with the very finest our area has to offer! We are happy to lend you a helping hand any time you choose to schedule with us!

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The secret to our success and the reason we’re able to offer such encompassing service lies in our methods, which are completely non-toxic and noninvasive to your space. We utilize an organic, safe compound to neutralize the bees, then remove them and relocate them safely so no harm comes to you or the bees. On top of this, our prices are highly affordable, ensuring you’re getting the very best value and most comprehensive service, all from the same company that has proven itself time and time again to be a leading name in bee removal.

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Tree Bee‘s excellent crew of skilled professionals will ensure that you receive nothing short of top grade quality at always reasonable and competitive rates! Located in Miami, FL, we make sure that all of our clients receive nothing short of exceptional quality any time they call to schedule!

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